In the beginning

          In the beginning there were two rabbits, two female rabbits bought as a couple of cute furry pets, easy to look after, not too much trouble or expense, the ideal pet to fit into today’s busy lifestyle.  We couldn’t have been more wrong with our assumptions.

          Youngest daughter was the proud owner of these two female rabbits, they lived in a large two level hutch and everything in the garden was rosey … until one of the female rabbits had a litter of little rabbits.  Ooops !

          Then the fun began.  Obviously the female who didn’t have the litter, now the proud father had to be separated from his mate until the little ones could fend for themselves, and until the babymaking equipment had been disabled.  Youngest Daughter and an army of friends did a wonderful job of handling the babies as often as possible so that by the time they were ready to move out they were more than happy to be played with and would be easy to find new homes for.

          Middle Daughter instantly chose one and named it Finx, as did her future sister-in-law, her rabbit being named by her young daughter as Hop-hop, but her daughter being very young at the time, the name got mutated to Bop-bop.  Almost all of the other babies were found homes until eventually Youngest Daughter was left with just Mum, Dad, and one white baby boy rabbit.  Having to separate Mum and her baby boy to avoid a repeat baby performance youngest Daughter bought another hutch and persuaded Hubby that we needed a rabbit in our lives too …

          We had recently lost our cat and although we had our differences, lots of them as we seemed to be permanently competing to be Alpha Female, I did miss her.  Her name was Toffee, but I always just called her cat, so when my little white rabbit arrived, I just decided to name him “Rabbitt” (with two T’s).

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