Holy Cross Church

          After admiring the “Stowaways” on the canal between the Jolly Boatman and the Boat Inn we set off on our short circular walk from Thrupp to Shipton-on-Cherwell and back again.  Leaving the canal behind us, we followed our directions and headed along a path to the left of the Boat Inn.

           As described by our guide, after seeing some stone cottages on our right, and passing through a farm gate we found ourselves following a tree-lined path with the canal on our right.  Since we’d caught sight of the canal regularly though the trees, Hubby, with good cause, was by now doubting my map reading skills and asking why we’d left the canal in the first place and why hadn’t we just walked along it to where we were about to re-join the tow path.

2014-08. Gate.

          Once we’d passed through a gate on our right leading down to the canal we realised there had been no tow path on our side of the water for the distance we’d been walking.  On the other side the path was well maintained, but on our side it was of Mother Nature’s making and I’m guessing would be quite slippery underfoot in bad weather.  We followed our path until Mother Nature had a little help and climbed the steps to find ourselves in the grounds of the Holy Cross Church in Shipton-on-Cherwell.

2014-08. Church steps.

          This lovely little village church was beautifully simple on the outside, and just simply beautiful on the inside too.

2014-08. Altar.

         I’m never quite sure of the etiquette of using the camera inside a church, Holy Cross Church was apparently quite deserted, if I had been disturbing anyone I wouldn’t have dreamed of using the camera, there’s a donation box on the wall just inside the door I didn’t have my purse on me and Hubby had gone on ahead, as is often the case when I stop with the camera, but I’ll be more prepared on our next visit and drop a few coins into it to say thank you. 

          I never use flash inside a church but obviously need to practice more with my camera settings to take a clearer picture but you can see for yourself how wonderful this little church was inside, well worth the walk through the fields instead of along the canal just to catch a glimpse of the inside.
2014-08. Chruch flowers.

          Our directions gave us a little map to help us find our way and suggested we drop into the village of Shipton-on-Cherwell, but we saved that for another day and followed the footpath directly to our right as we left the church to cross over the canal and join the towpath on the other side for the return part of our circular walk.

2014-08. Holy Cross Church.

           More from before: Various visits to, and from, “Kidlington” and “Thrupp“.


3 thoughts on “Holy Cross Church

  1. It’s a beautiful church. I often wonder about taking pictures in a church, too. I am the same way — if there is someone there that might be disturbed, I don’t take pictures, and I never use the flash.

    • I’m not a religious person at all, each unto their own, but I’m pretty sure the beautiful decor was put there to be seen so I figure so long as I’m not disturbing anyone they wouldn’t mind me sharing it. 🙂

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