Fluff bombs

          Look what I found while digging around in the picture file for “Rabbitt” …

1. 26.07.10

          Since Rabitt, Finx, Bop-bop and their other sisters were born on 4th July (Rabbitt independence day), the date on this photo would make them just 22 days old.  Finx is easily recognisable as the only honey coloured fur-bomb, but as for the others, I can see possibly five little bodies mingled together.

          Photo credits here to Youngest Daughter I think, as with the next.

2. 09.08.10

          This time they’re a month older, I think the pearly white one in the middle would be Bop-bop, and by the process of elimination using their markings, Rabbitt is the one in the middle of the group of three.

          More from before : “Furry Friends“, past and present.

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