Rabbitt (with 2 T’s)

          I’ve mentioned before in “Rabbitt Antics” how Rabbit came to live with us and how he started off playing in the kitchen with me while I rabbit-proofed the garden.

          I used to come in from work in the morning and bring him into the kitchen to play, he didn’t like to be picked up, Youngest Daughter said that one of the little white rabbits had been dropped during the time they were played with and handled in her garden to make them people friendly, this might have been Rabbitt, which might explain why he didn’t like to be picked up.  I’d lie down on the floor and he was quite happy to play at his level.

          Catching a picture of him on the little camera on my mobile phone was quite another matter altogether he didn’t keep still for very long even then.

9. 18.09.10a
10. 18.09.10a

          Once the garden was safe Rabbitt had free run of it, his first time out he ran round and round in huge circles and settled in a spot against the fence in the flowerbed next to the white flock.

12. 20.09.10a

15. 24.09.10

          As he became more used to playing outside, he stayed out for longer and longer, eventually only being shut back into his hutch at night. I still used to come in from work in the morning and let him out, then I would close off the rest of the house and leave the back door ajar for him to hop in and out.

          As the weather got a little colder, Rabbitt gained his thick fur coat and I would lay in the floor next to the radiator to play, very often dozing off to sleep after working all night and waking up to find he’d just come inside and laid down next to me.

          He loved broccoli, here’s Hubby teaching him to do a meerkat impersonation.

23. 30.11.10

          Little by little he grew into his huge ears, and every now and again would stop running around in circles long enough for me to catch him with the camera, I used to put the box of rabbit treats on the floor and he’d pick it up and throw it around to get at his favourites… anything but the orange ones, I used to take those when I visited Middle Daughter and she’d give them to Finx .


           More from before : “Furry Friends“, past and present.

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