Old post

          The mind can only wonder at the life and times seen by this old post box on the wall just outside the “Holy Cross Church” at Thrupp.  Notice the royal initial of V. R for Victoria Regina above the letter box.

2014-08. VR postbox.

          Imagine the number of letters to loved ones, birthday cards, official documents and of course William’s letters (Bill’s) which have passed through the little hole in the wall.  The mind boggles.

           More from before: Various visits to, and from, “Kidlington” and “Thrupp“.


4 thoughts on “Old post

  1. Oh I share your wonder at the number of letters that this box has held – imagine all the thoughts and emotions in those longhand words! And this box has a reasonably wide slit, but some of the earlier ones have the aperture very small – the Victorians sent tiny letters! A 🙂

    • Yes, I’ve done quite a lot of research into my family tree, many of them couldn’t read or write, I can imagine the postman pausing to read a letter to them when he delivered it. 🙂

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