Sunshine and spice

          Finally my two throws are finished, and I’ve given them names.

          Sunshine …

2014-05. Sunshine throw.

          And spice …

2014-08. Spice throw.

          The decorating is coming along too, there are lots of finishings still to be done, I’m not too good at getting on with the finishings, but the living room, one of the darker rooms in the house, is starting to look a lot more bright and cheerful now.  The throws sit in their planned places, not just for looking at, I’m very often to be found snuggled under one or another of them when I’ve dozed off on a settee after work and pulled a throw over me instead of heading upstairs.

2014-06. Reserved corner.

          I’ve added a few pictures too, I bought nice big frames on ebay, nice and simple so the pictures look as if I’ve just drawn a big black line around them with a felt tip pen, now I can just change the picture for the price of the printing at any time I choose.

          My latest addition is a giant Mr Humble Bumble, one of my prizes from a day out playing with the camera in Evesham.

2014-08. Cosy.

           More from before: A little peek further into the world that I’ve “Created“.

8 thoughts on “Sunshine and spice

    • Hee hee, thanks. Middle Daughter bought me the COSY cushion when I first announced my new colour scheme. The KEEP CALM cushion is from the old colour scheme but still stays quite comfortably in the new one, a gift for Hubby, bought from the Past Times shop. They sold wonderful things in their shops, unfortunately I couldn’t afford their prices often enough to prevent them from going under in the recession.
      And the RESERVED cushion.? Another gift for Hubby, bought in Cardiff on a trip to visit Little Sister, that was the most comfortable train journey home I’ve ever had. 😀

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