Is it really three years since we went on a September holiday in the Isle of Wight ?

          Time has really flown, I must have been having fun.

2011-09. Yarmouth Pier.

          A dip back into the files show that I still have photos to share, not the best ones, but ones which are more than good enough to cause a few smiles and raise a few forgotten memories.

          Yarmouth pier was quite a peaceful affair, no bright lights or fairground music, no tacky stalls to catch the tourist’s eye (mind you, I’m not against tourist tack, it often makes for very enjoyable browsing, and on the odd occasion a surprise purchase to help take a smile or two home).  The Pier at Yarmouth is a nice gentle stroll out over the water where the sea breeze can blow salt into your hair at its own leisurely pace.

2011-09. Yarmouth Pier bell.

          Of course, trying to find the right position, bending this way and that to catch the Wightlink ferry almost sitting on the Yarmouth pier life ring raised its own smiles too, but take a look at the bottom right of the next photo, footfalls from the past are commemorated on the wooden boards along the pier, they remind me of Penarth pier where my Nana and Pop have a plaque placed to commemorate their own footfalls from times gone by.

2011-09. Yarmouth life ring.

           More from before – Holidaying in the “Isle of Wight“, September 2011.


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