Chine wander

2011-09. Shanklin Chine.

          We were based in Shanklin on our Isle of Wight trip and followed the route from “Shanklin Old Village” down to the sea via “Shanklin Chine“,  join me on a wander though some of the pictures which haven’t made it to light yet.

2011-09. Chine path.

2011-09. Giant tumble..

2011-09. Small fall.

2011-09. Through the fushias.

2011-09. Chine berries.

          We’re heading downwards, towards the sea, but if you’d have come in from the other entrance you’d be greeted by the little welcome kiosk, closely followed by an invitation to visit the tea-rooms, with maybe a coffee and a cake on offer while you sit on the terrace overlooking the greenery.

2011-09. Welcome hut.

2011-09. Giant leaves.

           More from before – Holidaying in the “Isle of Wight“, September 2011.


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