The morning after

          Yesterday was one of the best mornings after the night before I’ve had in a long time.

          I woke up after a lay-in,  went downstairs and while the kettle boiled I put away the stacks of washed and dried dishes, two of my guests had washed up during the evening, Thankyou,  and then I settled down with a plate of pudding party leftovers for breakfast.

2014-09. Morning after.

          P.s. I’ve added the recipe for my “Pear and ginger crumble muffins” shown in the picture to my online recipe book, “Cakes and more”


10 thoughts on “The morning after

    • No pangs of guilt whatsoever, the morning after a pudding party is all part and parcel of the whole social event, and you should never feel guilty about what you eat at a social event because it spoils the memory of it. 😀

    • Is the only way to go. 😀
      Little Sister couldn’t make it this time and was missed, especially for the morning after.
      I may struggle when it comes to a huge fried breakfast, but I’m no lightweight when it comes to puddings… at any time of day. 😀

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