Bench mark

          For a few hours on Saturday last weekend, I left Hubby in the crèche watching one of his favourite tv programs (His football team was showing on the big screen at the sports bar) and I wandered at my own snail’s pace through Falmouth with the camera.

          On the Prince of Wales pier I spotted some rope knotted onto one of these chunky metal things (insert technical term here).  Being September and getting quite late on a Saturday afternoon, which apparently isn’t as busy as a week day, this was the only boat tied up in this manner, The Princessa, a party boat originally from Portsmouth, so I twisted this way and that (a bit like the rope) trying to get a picture of it.  Unfortunately, the chunky metal thingy (again insert technical term) was placed just in front of a bench.  So close in fact that you could sit on the bench and put your feet up to while away the hours.

          I didn’t have a few hours to while away (more’s the pity) so, much to the amusement of people passing by, I ended up curled up on the pier behind the bench, pointing my camera at a tatty piece of rope from underneath the seat.

          Hey, it amused the locals, and I got my picture.

2014-09. Princessa Portsmouth.

          More from before : a long weekend in “Falmouth“, September 2014.


6 thoughts on “Bench mark

  1. Don’t worry, Hallysann, I never know the technical terms for things either >>> AND I’m often on the receiving end of the amusement and often bemusement (“Just what IS he taking a photo of?!”) of passers by >>> my wife delights in watching people staring curiously at my photographic antics!

    But a sobering thought – we are alone, you and I: for aside from you and I, there’s no Intelligent Life out there …….. 🙂 …….

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