Rusian caterpillar

Rusian caterpillar 1.

          This little furry fella was rushing as fast as his little legs would carry him, trying to cross a path which separated one field from another.

          It was Eldest Daughter who spotted him (or perhaps her) on the path and stood guard whilst a crowd of people passed us by on either side.  Of course, then it was time for the camera.

Rusian caterpillar 2.

          I snapped this way and that,  trying to get a good pose and eventually I got his attention and he looked up, and possibly smiled, I couldn’t really tell.

          Don’t you just love his bright sugary colours, his spikey hair do and of course his peculiar pink tail?

          Zooming in really close, his skin looks velvety and I can’t help thinking he’d make a wonderful cuddly toy and wondering what butterfly or moth this beautiful caterpillar will turn into.

Rusian caterpillar 3.

          He arched his back in a display of possibly poisonous colour with a large eye appearing to appear on his back. I guess that was his way of telling me the photo shoot was over.

Rusian caterpillar 4.

          Our interruption of his travels had put him off course and he headed lengthways along the path, so,  still unsure about how safe he would be to pick up, a few shoves here and there with a fallen leaf saw him safely across his motorway and away to the greener grass on the other side.

6 thoughts on “Rusian caterpillar

  1. What a coincidence! I saw the same species of caterpillar on Sunday. The very first time I’ve seen one! The one I saw was a bit more fluorescent yellow so maybe one is male and the other female. I was at a plant nursery cafe and so asked the gardener what it was. He said ‘Pale Tussock Caterpillar’. Here is a photo from a UK moth website:

    My photos didn’t come out very well – he(she) looks like a fluffy blur of yellow! Your photos are great – very clear. I love the one where he is looking up at you. What a great face!

    • Thanks for the link, I was lucky with the little red camera on auto, I’m still struggling along with the new black one, still persisting, but still struggling, and my phone wouldn’t have caught so much detail.
      He does have a great face doesn’t he.
      Your link says the moths fly in may or June so I’ll have to watch out for this little fella again then. 🙂

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