Walktober 2014

          Each October Robin hosts a group walk called “Walktober“.  We all go for a walk during some loosely allotted dates and then send Robin a link to a blog about our walk and she shares them all in one place so that we can each join in the fun at our own pace.

          I don’t have a suitable day trip or outing planned for this month so as once before in “Walking home” maybe you’d like to join me on an early morning walk home from work.  We’ll take a slight detour this time though and hopefully, as the timing is right, we’ll catch the sun rising somewhere pretty.

2014-10. Bridge.

          It’s still dark here shortly after six in the morning, but according to my weather forecast, the sun is due to rise at twenty past seven into a pretty clear sky so fingers crossed.  For the moment though, pull on your gloves and hat, a scarf would probably be a good idea too, but you won’t need walking boots or wellies (gumboots) as I’ll be sticking mostly to the path, and I’m only wearing my trainers (sneakers).

          We’ll pass over the bridge and away we go across the field, the rabbits are probably scampering about in all directions, I can’t see them yet, but I’m pretty sure they’re there, they usually are.

          Watch your step on the brick path way, it’s quite flat but one or two of the bricks are loose and they’re quite slippery if you catch your footing in the wrong direction.  I don’t remember any rain last night, but they always seem to be damp first thing in the morning.  Oh, and the loose ones make a wonderful noise if you ride over them on a pushbike, a bit like horses clip-clopping along the pathway.

2014-10. Path.

          We were heading for the park at the other side of town, the one with the “bandstand“,I’m afraid we’re a little too early this morning but it’s ok, I know another pretty place to go and catch the sunrise.

2014-10. Gate.

          We’ll carry on along the busy road next to the park and head over the new footbridge.  The bridge is a little, no actually a lot, controversial at the moment.  The railway line is being upgraded and the old foot path crossing is being replaced by the new footbridge.  The “elf brigade” (Health and Safety)  have probably insisted on wheelchair access and since the footbridge is quite high, the ramps go round and round to get to the top, in all fairness, we should probably wait until the bridge is completed and any landscaping finished to compliment the surroundings before making a final decision, but for today’s reasons, it does really pollute the darkness somewhat.

2014-10. Footbridge.

          From the top you can see the other side, this is the side of the wheelchair ramp next to the railway line so again I’m guessing the “elf brigade” have insisted on the high fencing along the side.  Looking at it from where we’re standing though, I sort of expect passers by to start singing and dancing along to the vibes of “Jailhouse Rock”.

2014-10. Jailhouse rock.

          On the other side of the bridge, there’s not much sign of any sun yet, but the moon can still be seen quite brilliantly holding its own in the morning sky.

2014-10. Moon.

          As we follow the path across another field and after exchanging the pleasantries of the day with a few well wrapped up dog walkers, we head along a quieter path away from the light pollution.  If you look carefully, you can see a children’s play area hidden behind some well placed trees.  I can still hear the traffic from the busy road but it’s muffled by the trees and seems quite a lot further away than I know it is.

2014-10. Early park.

          We’re heading for a small lake, ok, probably more of a large pond, but if we follow the path we’re on, it’s along here somewhere.  Ah, there’s the obligatory life ring, can you see it ?  For once the “elf brigade” have come in useful with their compulsory accessories.

2014-10. Early life ring.

          I’m often to be heard saying you should never pass up a view from a park bench, they’re usually put there for a reason, and if someone has gone to the trouble to put three benches then they must have had a very good reason to put them there.

2014-10. Benches.

          We’ll sit for a while on the middle one.  The benches feel quite dry to touch, but my bones will complaining at me all day if they get too damp and my coat is only a short one.  I’ve brought my shopping bag so I’ll sit on that.  The benches are very pretty in their own right, the edges are covered in moss, and the ivy is reclaiming parts of the back, but my camera skills aren’t too good in this light so I’ll bring you again at sometime to admire the benches.

2014-10. Bench view.

          The birds know the sun is coming, I can hear them moving in the bushes and singing in the trees, the odd rumble of just the heaviest traffic is just a muffled background noise now.  There’s a couple of ducks on the pond, gliding silently though the rushes, and I’m guessing the bubbles rising up to break the surface are an indicator to fish swimming about below.

2014-10. Pond.

          Well, the damp is seeping in towards the old bones so it’s time to make a move, the sun seems to be up but there’s no spectacular light displays for today so we’ll head off home to the warm where there’s a coffee calling.

          A quick glance behind as we pass the park, what fun to be playing in there, hidden in your very own secret garden.

2014-10. Park.

          I can feel as well as hear the generator providing the power to the lights on the new footbridge, the colours are really quite sensitive and I’m guessing a few more trees planted her and there will make a huge difference to the “monstrosity” as it’s been called on more than one occasion.  But I’ll give it a chance and come back in the spring with the camera maybe.

2014-10. Digger.

          One last look back across the field before we climb the steps, the last of the mist still lingers on the path, I guess the sun needs to rise a little higher to burn it off yet.

2014-10. Misty path.

          But wait, what’s that I see from the newly created vantage point at the top of the bridge …

2014-10. Rooftops.

          Ahhh, that’s better.

2014-10. Sunrise.

          Drop over to Robin’s at “Breezes at Dawn“, there’s still plenty of time if you fancy joining us for a walk for Walktober.

           More from before : Out and about in all sorts of “Merryweather

16 thoughts on “Walktober 2014

  1. How absolutely wonderful hun, I love walking around the areas you have described so perfectly… If only I was around at that time to capture some of that beauty you have. Great photos & fantastic blog entry xXx

    • With the clocks changing in a couple of weeks, if I’ve worked it out right, the sun gets an extra hour’s lay-in before it has to rise in the morning so it should be a bit easier to catch. 🙂

  2. Absolutely super post, Hallysann, I love it! The pictures are great (I especially like those taken in the dark) and you talk us through it so well, its just like being there too – right up there with your best!!! 🙂 Adrian

    • Thanks, maybe I’m expecting the wrong results from my dark time photos? I usually ditch them as rubbish, these only made the cut to help tell the story. 🙂

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed walking with you, Sallyann. Thank you! You describe it all so well, and your images are great. I like that you took some while it was dark as it set the mood so well. The footbridge is… I don’t have a word for it. BIG suits it, maybe. I can’t imagine having to wheel up that ramp. I laughed at your “Jailhouse Rock” reference. 😀

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  5. You walk home from work every night in the dark? That seems like a long way to go. But still, it must be lovely to be able to walk to and from work. Every day would be different. Thanks for taking us along!

    • I work nights, so when I set off home in the morning in October it’s usually dark to start with, it’s great to be able to catch the sun rising on the way home though. 🙂
      During the summer months there’s already signs of daylight during my teabreak at 3.30am.
      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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