The terrace

          I couldn’t possibly leave Park Guell without taking you up for a look at the mosaic seats on the terrace.

          I don’t think Gaudi needs any more introduction so I’ll just let your eyes wander over his creation for themselves.

2014-06. Guell stilts.

2014-06. Guell platform.

2014-06. Guell museum.

2014-06. Guell giftshop.

2014-06. Guell seats.

2014-06. Guell tiles.

           More from before : Basking in “Barcelona“, June 2014.

7 thoughts on “The terrace

  1. Wow! Stunning, Sallyann. I wish I could live in a place like that. It looks straight out of a fairy tale. Thanks for taking us up on the terrace. 🙂

    • Fairy tale indeed. 🙂 A perfect description.
      Gaudi lived in a house in the park, pictures at a later date sometime, but imagine living with this as your garden. 😀

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