H.M.S Warrior

          I had every confidence in Hubby completing his targeted two-hours in the great south run in Portsmouth so once I’d settled him in his starting position we (Mum-in-law and I) set off walking the first two miles of the route towards H.M.S Victory for a picture or two I had planned to celebrate Hubby’s “Victory“.

2014-10. H.M.S. Victory.

          I was a little disappointed when I found the ship, I was unable to see it properly without a paying ticket, I didn’t have time to go on and have a good look around but since someone before me had moved aside one of the barriers to pass a little further along the pathway I took advantage of the gap… and the zoom lens on my camera to catch a few shots for my post.

2014-10. H.M.S. Warrior.

          It would appear, however, that although Hubby achieved his victory, I did not, I snapped some pictures of H.M.S. Warrior instead, so I guess H.M.S. Victory will just have to wait for another day.

2014-10. Spinnaker Victory.

          I’m guessing this was pretty good weather for running, although apparently the last mile or so of the run, back to the finish line along the prom, was run into an easterly wind, but it made for a stormy backdrop to  my pictures, the Spinnaker Tower reached way up into the clouds.

          Maybe  one day , if I’m passing, I’ll go back to Portsmouth and take some real photos of H.M.S. Victory … but then again, no offence Portsmouth,  but unless I’m actually passing, I think I’d choose to go to Brixham instead and maybe look around the Golden Hind while I’m there.


           More from before : “Portsmouth“: a window to the “Isle of Wight” in Sept 2011, and a 10 mile run in Oct 2014 .

2 thoughts on “H.M.S Warrior

  1. You know, much as I enjoyed going over the Victory (clue – it doesn’t have funnels!!! 😉 ), I think I’d choose Brixham too – a smaller and far more congenial place, far more enjoyable. A

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