A walk in the park

          Let me take you for a walk in a park I visited last week.

          We’re heading slightly up hill for a short while but if you need to take a break half way you can stop at the bench.  It looks quite recently painted.  The cars pass now and again, labouring up the steep hill outside but that’s fine, the tall railings make them feel a world away so you can go where you like without worrying about them.

2014-11. Bench.

          You’re more than welcome to join me in a “not so secret” gap in the hedge.  There’s a great view from inside the huge hedge of the bowling green beyond.  In the summertime teams of bowlers battle it out with the occasional crash of bowls on a perfectly manicured green and from inside the hedge you can sit quietly unseen (or not quite so unseen) and watch the games in secret.

          If you really feel the urge, you can squeeze away from the hole and follow the whole length of the hedge from inside peering out at passers-by or sneaking another peek at the games as the hedge muffles the crashes and  keeps the rest of the world out.

2014-11. Hedge.

          If you don’t fancy the hedge tunnel, carry on a few steps further up the hill and you get a very similar view from the corner of the bowling green, but beware, they can see you too.

          Or at least, if they were there they could.  It’s not summer, its autumn, I guess it’s not bowling season as the greens are not quite as green and smooth at this time of year, maybe the groundsman is resting.

2014-11. Bowling green.

          We’ll head to the top of the hill, past the children’s play area, climbing frames, swings, slides,  I guess the “Elf Brigade” (Health and safety) have been busy because they’re all carefully surrounded by sponge floors.  At the top of the hill we’ll pause for a while, there’s a very stunted tree where we can climb and sit on the top, there’s a great view of the park from here and there’s more than enough space to share a seat at the top.  Give me a shout if you need a push from below, or shall I go first and tug from above.

2014-11. Tree top.

          Did you see the building on the other side of the road ?  It’s a school, a pretty old school at that, look closely at the pictures of children along the wall just underneath the roof, this part of the school used to just be for boys, see they’re all sitting at work, but look at the far left, he’s not working quite so hard, look closely a the end of his string and if you’re lucky you’ll catch a glimpse of his pet mouse.

          Something else to notice in the picture below, see the railings ?  The Elf Brigade has been at it again, apparently they wanted the stunted tree taken away because so many children were climbing too high and too close to the pointed railings.  Instead, the park owners put baubles on top of the railings to eliminate the spikes so that the children could still play.

2014-11. Mouse.

          We’ll walk along the top of the park from here, past the other side of the children’s play area and along to the grass area at the top corner.  There’s plenty of room for footballs and other games here, and the daisies, well, more than enough to go round for plenty of daisy chains.

          Looking through the gate at the corner you can see “Top Church” towering over you, high on the hill and visible for miles around.

2014-11. Top church.

          We’ll not leave the park here though, follow the path back down the hill towards the bowling pavilion,  during the bowling season there’s an unmarked green door on the back of the building, if you’re playing in the park while they’re playing on the green, they don’t mind you popping in and using the conveniences there.

          A little further down the path, there ‘s a side gate, we’re not leaving via this one, but I’ll just pop outside and take a picture of it for my memory’s sake.

2014-11. Belle view.

          One last look to your right at the bowling pavilion and then we’ll be on our way back through the large gates at the bottom of the hill and back into town where we started.

2014-11. Club house.

          Oh, before we go, let me just take you back through the park again, back being the opperative word here, back about … well, lets just say well over fourty years, for a quick stroll down memory lane…
la la la

          And if we have time, a quick go on the swing …


          and roundabout.


There’s a good chance that you’ve been to the “Bowling Green” before too.


9 thoughts on “A walk in the park

    • Glad you enjoyed it, I did too. 🙂
      It occurred to me afterwards that I’d written the post as a little girl and probably wouldn’t fit in the hole in the hedge, or be able to climb the stunted tree, but, come spring, I will always love daisies. 😀

    • Thanks, I do like a good bench. 🙂
      Make yourself comfortable and I’ll join you shortly. It was an unseasonably warm October day, but you might need to wrap up a little warmer if you’re going to sit and wait for me to come out of the hedge. 😀

    • Thanks, I don’t think and plan, I just write so I guess you see the moment as I did. 🙂
      The photos of me were dated, I was just 18 months old, a long, long time ago. 😀

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    • Ha ha, I love the thought of my orange glow… you should see the nail varnish I bought on the weekend… 😀
      Somehow though I don’t think I would have had an orange dress, my mum had a habbit of cutting up my dad’s shirts and making them into dresses for us girls everytime we grew out of our clothes and I really can’t imagine him in an orange shirt for work. Maybe the colour was in the cardigan. :- )

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