Penarth pier

          No sunshine, no ice-cream, but no holiday makers, no rain and no worries, November on Penarth pier …

2014-11. Pier.

          No ice-cream, the kiosk is closed for the winter but the sweet shop is open …

2014-11. Mpalumpa.

          No charge, the old ticket kiosk has been engulfed in The Olde Sweet Shoppe, also no need to buy one of the many umbrellas on sale at this time of year …

2014-11. Old Sweet shoppe.

          No yachts today, but peering out over the misty waters you can just make out the two islands, Flat Holm and Steep Holm …

2014-11. Pier railings.

          No need to share a seat in the shelter half way along the pier, but no feeding the birds please …

2014-11. Holmes.

          No problem finding a parking place, even with the vans from the building work out of shot to the right of the picture …

2014-11. Prom.

          No hurry, so one last look at the fishing, and a quick polishing rub on the commemerative plaques for my grandparents on the pier board walk …

5. Fishing.

           More from before : Back to “Penarth“.


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