Penarth prom

          Lets take a stroll along the prom for one last time before we leave Penarth, with hopefully a return visit in the spring, look at the bottom of the steps.   Judge your timing carefully and you can easily jump down onto the pebbles between waves, I think the tide is going out, but if not, you can use the metal ladder attached to the wall, trust me, it’s quite easy to climb up there and slip through the railings if you mis-judge the tide.

2014-11. Pebbles.

          Yes, the tide is going out, by the time you’ve reached about mid-point you can see even more pebbles next to the steps. The pier in the distance has had a huge upgrade inside recently, and a brand new roof outside, I guess they’re waiting until the spring before re-painting the railings though.

2014-11. Prom.

          The yachts are all parked up across from the yacht club, and sitting cosy in their covers, but they’re not the only thing to be sitting cosy today …

2014-11. Yacht parking.

          Someone has yarnbombed one of the railings opposite the lifeboat station …

2014-11. Lifeboat launch.


2014-11. Yarnbombed.

           More from before : Back to “Penarth“.

2 thoughts on “Penarth prom

    • I don’t know if there’s more and more yarn bombing around or if I’m just noticing it more, I’ve just found a great one over the weekend in Norwich. Watch this space… 🙂

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