A shoe !

          Bless you …

2014-11. Bristol Cathedral.

          No, not aachoo !   A shoe !

2014-11. A shoe.

          Look up there …

2014-11. Up there.

          A shoe tree !

2014-11. Shoe tree.

           I must admit to having no idea why the shoes are up in the tree, but they made me smile so I thought I’d share them.  We were out wandering in Bristol on a relatively quiet Sunday morning and had headed in the Cathedral direction.  We’d just come out of a music shop where I’d been playing with the saxophones, not playing the saxophone, just playing with, possibly more on that later, watch this space.  As I walked towards the Cathedral I first thought these were birds in the tree but to my amazement they turned out to be shoes.

          At first my mind sprang back to “Camera Lies” where the gang borders in Lille are marked by a pair of shoes hanging over a wire to mark the end of one gang’s territory and the beginning of another’s, surely not, there were so many shoes here.  What were they for?  Why were they there?  I don’t know, but I do know they made me smile, and so they got captured on my camera to save the smile for a later date too.

          More from before : a couple of weekends in “Bristol“.

4 thoughts on “A shoe !

  1. Haha, how close to (my) home can you get??? And if I’d been there and people were asking about the strange woman with the camera, I’d have been able to answer “Oh that’ll be Hallysann!” 🙂 .

    And I’ve heard the gang territory border thing too, but I’ve no idea if that applies to “down ‘ere”. We must meet in January! A

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