The right spot

           A post by Adrian on “FATman Photos” had me thinking about the positions I clamber into all in the name of finding the right spot.  I used the search bar to your right to find other posts with position in them and it appears there are many so position is obviously more important to me than I thought.

          In my last post , for the picture of Norwich castle, I saw the picture I wanted in my head and actually climbed into the garden water feature to find the perfect position to catch it with the camera.

          Here’s the eatery in Castle Mall where the shopping centre breaks into the daylight in the middle of the castle gardens, it’s probably quite a pleasant place to stop for lunch.

2014-11. Eatery.

          See the bridge to the right of the picture ?  See the step-like structure behind it ?

          I’m guessing that in the summer months the water cascaded down over the steps and into the water below, sort of like a castle moat around the central structure. however, since it wasn’t summer and it looked as if it had been drained for the winter the front of each level provided pretty sure footing for me to take a picture of the castle from the other side of the bridge.

2014-11. Eatery bridge.

          And if you think of my position for the picture yesterday, I crossed the bridge and crouched on the little piece of wall next to the glass window to put the reflection into the water in the right place.

2014-11. Castle reflection.

          Now check back on the first picture again, see the railings around the top of the eatery ?  You have to go back out of the park and in though a small entrance from the main road to find the path to the terrace garden up there.  Which of course, I did …

2014-11. Castle railings.

          I clambered into the flowerbed and used some of the greenery to hide some of the surrounding city life.

          There was no Hubby, Eldest Daughter or Little Sister laughing and pointing a camera at me from behind this time, but I made one or two onlookers smile and although they think I’m more than a little weird at times, its surprising how often I look back as I walk away to see someone standing in the exact same spot to see what I was looking at.

           More from before : Winter weekends in “Norwich

5 thoughts on “The right spot

  1. lol! That happens to me, too. People are just generally curious, I suppose. Position is often so important. At least that’s what I tell myself when I’m lying on the ground to take a shot, and people are looking at me like I am the strangest thing they’ve ever seen. 😀

    • Oxford is very often full of groups of tourists. There’s a game I haven’t played in a while…. Wicked but fun.
      Walk towards the oncoming group and stop a little in front of them to point your camera at a nothingness picture. Once you have their attention, continue walking past them and join the back of the group to see how many people stop to take the same shot. 🙂
      You’d be surprised at how many people do and so a boring drainpipe or a dirty office window gets immortalised for another day. 🙂

  2. Well there you are you see, you’re doing just what Roger Hicks advocates – great stuff! And thanks for the plug – always welcome! And I love your reply to Robin – oh you naughty and inventive woman, you! 😀 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thank you, and, you’re welcome.
      And my reply to Robin … I think it’s the sight of a group of growed-ups following a folded up umbrella held high on a stick which brings out the little girl in me. 🙂

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