Let it snow

2014-12. Snowflakes.

          Christmas is a little late arriving in our house this year.  I don’t appear to be too stressed about it, but I have noticed, and noted more than a few comments that it could possibly do with a little more of a nudge in the right direction.

          I’ve finally put up the blind on the second kitchen window so I thought I’d start there with a few snowflake stickers I’d picked up in Norwich the other weekend.

          I picked up two different packs, one of just snowflakes and another with the letters to arrange spelling out the words “Let it snow”.

2014-12. Let it snow.

          My dad was visiting with Little Sister and Mum this weekend and by the time we’d finished playing  I wished I’d bought two packs for writing so I could put this on the other window.

2014-12. Wel it's not.

          More from before : Happenings in “my kitchen“.


2 thoughts on “Let it snow

  1. What wonderfully clever wordplay! I think it’s a lovely testament to your playful and creative mind. 🙂

    PS: LET IT SNOW! Happy holidays to you and yours.

    • Ha ha, playful and creative mind, like it. 🙂 I had help from my Dad too and as he insists … he taught me everything I know. 😀
      And a p.s. to you too. Hope you have a very happy Christmas and the best year to follow yet. 😀

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