Lyn Padyrn Lake walk

          After the indulgences of the last few days, maybe a brisk walk would be a good idea.  Unfortunately Mother Nature has decided to make it a little too brisk for me today so I’m delving back into the files for some exercise instead.

          On one of our trips to Snowdonia we set off on one of the circular walks from Llanberis, I’ve already shown you the first parts of this walk in “Cwm-y-Glow circular walk“, “Down to Cym-y-Glow“, and “Lyn Padyrn Path“.

85. Trees

          In the first post we climbed high above the houses in the High Street and our path wandered through Glyn Rhonwy slate mine.  I was amazed at how the trees managed to grow in such a barren landscape and would be interested to go back and see how much more of the old slate tip the plants have managed to reclaim.  When we passed that way, something was in the process of being built, a visitor centre maybe ?  I guess we definitely need another walk in that direction.

102. Which way.

          After we’d reached our highest point and stopped to admire the view, we sort of gave up on our little map and followed Hubby’s sense of direction in a downwards walk to the main road and in my third post, after negotiating with a field of cows for right of way, we finally found the Lyn Padyrn Path and joined one side of the lake walk to make our way back to Llanberis.

2013-04. Old road.

          As you walk away from the stone tunnel which is literally a hole cut out of the mountain, you have two choices, you can either continue along the old road we’ve joined (picture above) and follow it back to Llanberis, or you can take the slightly more uneven path to your left, with much better views, and follow the path mapped out for you by the white stripes on the posts around the lake. (picture below)
2013-04. Lake walk.

          I’ll take you again to see the beautiful views around the lake, by now my feet were getting tired and my camera seemed to be heavy so I only lifted it now and again for the rest of the walk home.

2013-04. Colour splash.

          One or two things managed to catch the last of my attention though.

2013-04. Fungi.

          And finally we came to the open view of the lake which meant Pete’s Eats would soon be on our right for a very well-earned sit and eat.

2013-04. Ducks.

           More from before : a circular walk between “Llanberis” and “Cwm-y-Glow“.

2 thoughts on “Lyn Padyrn Lake walk

  1. I enjoyed that walk; thanks 🙂

    Yes – it was a little brisk and brrrrr today. We decided late in the day to go for a walk; the cold actually surprised me! More tomorrow, I think.

    • I set off for work yesterday afternoon, Sunday’s a silly shift and I bike in because biking home in the wee hours of the morning is marginally safer than walking. Ohh, my poor fingers ! normally I have my hands stuffed in my pockets, or poked half way down the opposite sleeve so my fingerless gloves are fine. Sitting on the handlebars on the way into work though they tingled for ages after I arrived, and after my cycle home, I had to check dropped off somewhere on route.
      I think it’s time I knitted some decent gloves, with some longer fingers maybe. 🙂

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