2014-10. Sunrise.

Well hello 2015 !

          I don’t make new years resolutions, the very last one I made was the only one I can ever remember keeping, and that was never to make another one, but on reading “Tea & Paper” I liked the different take Elizabeth has for each year and her post “Words for 2015” has stayed with me.


          So, if for 2014 if I had been asked to choose a word to describe how things went I think I’d choose the word …


         It was a new word for me, I learned what it meant (and how to spell it), but I also learned that when it when it was used (well-meaningly) to describe what I did all the time it was right.  The Oxford dictionary definition for the word is to “delay or postpone, to put off doing something”.  Something I’m very guilty of doing often.


          Ok, so now to choose a word for something more positive this year, I’m going to choose …


          I’m not going to put any rules and regulations around the word, I’ll just look back and see what I’ve managed to achieve during the year.

          To help do this I’m setting up a new page… “The List“.  Here I’ll list things, little things and large things, things I have to do and things I should do, as well as things I want to do and will most certainly enjoy doing.

          I’m not going to beat myself up abou the list, I’m just going to use it as a reminder and if I achieve something from it then maybe I’ll tell you, if I don’t, then I’ll just tell myself.

12 thoughts on “Words

  1. Hi Sallyann, thanks for linking my post, I like your work “achieve” it’s great, it’s an action word, I hope you really exchange the “procrastinate” by “achieve”, pay attention to the sound, the first one is going down, the another is up! I’ll check out ‘the list page’ now, love the idea!

  2. Oh I’m not sure about this, Hallysann, feeling guilty about procrastination and good about achieving smacks a little too much of Conventionalism (is that a word???) to me, ie being like everyone else. Too many people spend their lives always doing doing doing, and far to little of their time actually being, actually thinking of the moment they’re in, where they are, and savouring / enjoying those thoughts. What is the saying? – “the hardest thing to do is nothing”? Of course our society encourages doing, and we have to earn a crust after all – until real slobs like me manage to retire that is – but I’m wary of this constant push to achieve. Chew on it my friend, and enjoy whatever it is you’re chewing on (please, not the cat …). A

    • Oh no, doing nothing is the easiest thing in the world. Procrastination most definitely has it’s place in my world and as for Conventionalism, (I coppied and pasted it here) I have no intention of using this word again, let alone learing how to spell it.
      It’s all in the list you see, I have complete control over the list, and not the other way around. I can add (or not add) anything I feel like and I intend to “achieve” many many more nice things than not nice. 🙂

      • Ah, that sounds better, never has my molly been so fied. And I love “I have no intention of using this word again”, wonderful stuff, but how do you know that, now the seed’s been planted, that it won’t just creep in there, from time to time? And can I interest you in antidisestablishmentarianism, if only on weekdays? 🙂

        And your control over The List is reassuring too. But as well as deciding to Add or Not Add, do you have access Surreptitiously Remove or, as the rest of us put it, Delete And Excrete? 😉

      • Cool! I just mentioned to my other half that you were making a list and he told me about someone he knows who dismissed the whole idea of making lists. Instead, he would do something first, write it down, and then tick it off 🙂

        • I’m not sure how good that would feel, his list would get longer and longer, albeit a long list of things he’s done. I’m looking forward to my list not so much getting shorter, but changing as I take off the not so good things as I do them and just leave the good things on so I will do them over and over again. 🙂

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