Cow tower

          Remember last time I went to Norwich, it was the last weekend in November and I wandered around the outskirts of town looking for some peace and quiet on “Black Friday weekend“.  After I’d been to Norwich Cathedral, instead of heading back towards town, I headed in what I thought was the general direction of the river, after one or two wrong turns and dead ends I turned to the navigation app on my phone and it told me where I was, from there, I managed to find the river.

          I’d walked along part of the river on a previous visit and as I arrived at the riverside I recognised where I’d been  before.  I’m sure I have pictures taken from the other side somewhere in the back of the files, but this time I turned away from the direction I knew and headed in a round about way back towards town.

2014-11. Cow tower bench.

          Mr Google has had to help me here, I know November isn’t that far away, but I didn’t take my usual memory jogging photo of the information board beneath this tower so the name has escaped me.

          I found a council planning permission document online and it would appear I’d stumbled out onto a part of “Riverside walk” which was situated in a conservation area.  The name of this tower is “Cow Tower”, although I’m going to have to Google a bit more to find out where the name came from.

          Of course, where’s there’s a bench there’s a view so I stood behind the bench to catch a good angle of the tower with my camera, then again of course, not satisfied with just one picture I carefully squelched around the outside of  a small pond on a very soggy path to try to fcatch another glimpse of the tower, this time in the reflection on the water …

2014-11. Cow tower reflection.

          Following on along the path in my chosen direction I turned for another photo or two as I left and spotted something strange in the old tree next to the tower.  I ventured back and took a closer look.

2014-11. Cow tower tree.

          Apparently, when the planning for flood defences was still in the permission stages, someone had taken advantage of some “advancement opportunities” and had the idea of adding some bat boxes to the mature trees.  I’m guessing these were either haggled for by the conservationists or simple added onto the planning as a sweetener, we all know how these things work, but the end result is these bat boxes on the tree by Cow Tower, and I’m sure the bats are very happy with their new apartment block.

2014-11. Bat boxes.

          By the way, Cow Tower is an “English Heritage site” and apparently it’s a gun tower built as part of Norwich’s defences, as for the name, they think it likely that it has something to do with the surrounding meadow which used to be known as cowholme.

           More from before : Winter weekends in “Norwich

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