Onwards to Gilford

          I could really do with a nice “Sunny stroll” today, unfortunately the weather has other ideas so I’m off into the files and back to Gilford’s “Riverside Nature Reserve” for a few smiles before I venture out with brolly and wellies.

2012-09. 18. Lake view.

2012-09. 19. Lake view.

2012-09. 20. Lake view.

          Take your time and wander around the lake, I know it’s September in the pictures, but it was a lovely warm day, if you’ve got any snacks in your bag it’s a lovely peaceful place to stop for a picnic, we did.

          Then once you’re ready to go, follow the board walk across the field and through the trees to emerge at the canal where you can wander further … Onwards, past “Stoke Lock“, and into Guildford.

2012-09. 21. Boardwalk.

2012-09. 26. Boardwalk.

          More from before: A day in “Guildford“, September 2012.

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