Second Oxford adventure

          I met up with a friend from London this week, we’d met as a trio in Oxford before and our third member was very much missed but between the two of us we put the world to rights and enjoyed the spoils which Oxford had to offer.

          The weather was a little disappointing,  but hey, the more it rained, the more shops we would have to visit to stay dry.

          We started off with a cuppa at the “Nosebag”, if you’ve been there before then the very mention of its name will raise a smile, if you haven’t, then don’t worry, I’ll take you with me next time I go.

          After coffee – and with Mother Nature still watering her flowers and washing the pavements – we headed off to one of the large department stores to buy shoes for a very important upcoming event.   Oh and what shoes they are too, the very thought of them makes me smile, but you’ll have to wait until after the important event for me to share them with you.

          On our visit last time we ate at the “Pieminster” in the covered market, but at the last moment this time I thought I’d try to book somewhere.  The Randolph would have blown the budget clean out of the water and the Turf Tavern was already full so I gave up on the booking idea and we headed to Chequers with our fingers crossed.  

2015-02. The Chequers.

      Steak pie and mash for me and sausages and mash for London Friend were the orders of the day. Very particular about my mash I am, but only praise passed my lips at Chequers – oh, apart from pie, mash, carrots, green beans and gravy.

          Suitably refreshed, we emerged into a slightly dryer Oxford and the brolly was packed away while we wandered off to see the pretty bits.

          We passed the Radcliffe Camera building and stepped into the Bodleian Library courtyard.  I’ve never timed a visit there while the giftshop was open before so we stepped inside for a mooch around.

          London Friend  was particularly taken with the fridge magnets and almost bought one with a picture of the Camera building on it but eventually chose a different one.

2015-02. Bodleian Library.

          We laughed as I got her to hold her magnet up high,  twisting it this way and that to catch the light while I jostled for position to catch a shot of the same picture in the background.

2015-02. Turf Tavern.

          After a little more pretty wandering we thought we’d sit for some more refreshment.   Unlike at lunchtime, the Turf Tavern had plenty of empty spaces for our afternoon coffee break and we whiled away another hour or so sipping coffee at a little round table next to the window.

          I’d been very reserved with my camera all day, too busy eating or chatting, but as we headed back to the bus station I couldn’t resist this puddle picture,  the sunshine on the puddles and the reflection of the Camera building on the water, I didn’t notice the sun rays making an appearance from the right until I checked the picture later.

2015-02. Radcliffe puddle.

          One more little detour, I wanted to send London Friend off with a photo memory of her own,  she followed me through a little church to a wooden staircase at the back.  Once up on the balcony I hopped on and off the benches as if I had ants in my pants.

          “There”, I pointed to the spot I’d just jumped up from, “sit there”.  She did, and this is the photographic memory I sent her off with as we went our separate ways…  until next time.

2014-04. Radcliffe Camera.

           More from before : Out and about in “Oxford


6 thoughts on “Second Oxford adventure

    • It’s always fun to stand in the place your picture was made, photographs and paintings alike, now London Friend has the silly memory of us trying to take the same picture to add to the magnet. 🙂

    • I’m sure we’ll end up as a trio again one day, until then we’ll keep Oxford on its toes between the two of us, and share the smiles each time with you.

  1. Brilliant blog as always hun, I love Oxford so much. The photos you’ve taken are truly wonderful & inspiring, just like the city of Oxford itself xXx

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