Day 1 – 5 day B&W challenge

          I’ve sort of taken up the challenge put forward by Aj at “Ouch my back hurts“.

          As Aj says …

                    There are only two rules for this challenge:

          1. On 5 consecutive days, create a post using either a past or recent photo in B&W.
          2. Each day invite another blog friend to join in the fun.

          I say sort of, because I seldom post for five days in a row, and not everyone likes to take part when they’re challenged so as is often the case, I will only very loosely be following the rules.

          Black and white, however, is very much a challenge to me, I crave colour, and although I’ve dabbled in a little black and white before and  have worked out the “how” of black and white, I’ve never quite understood the “why”.


          The image I’ve chosen for the first of my five posts is one I’ve used before, I’ve taken it into my photo program and removed the colour, I guess I’m looking for contrast and detail, but I’m not sure so I’ve posted the colour version here too, maybe you can tell me what I’m looking for in a black and white photo, and possibly enlighten me as to the “why”.

          Seriously, I could do with a few tips  as to what I’m looking for here please.

2012-03. Lillies 2.

          I’ll add links here to my other four days of the black and white challenge here when I eventually do them, but in the meantime, drop over to see Sheila’s photos at “Imagery of Light” where she’s already taken up the B&W five day challenge from Aj.


15 thoughts on “Day 1 – 5 day B&W challenge

  1. Well, you could knock me over with a wet kipper!!! >>> the one thing I thought never to see in this hallowed and colourful Hallysann domain was black and white!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like going all Star Wars … “Sallyann … Sallyann … come to the Dark Side … it is your DESTINY …”.

    And what do I like about this post? Well I very much like the fact that you’ve tackled this challenge, and certainly admire you – its on a par with my attempting to knit, which I did once, with disastrous circumstances. And you’ve done better than me, because I turned the challenge down (mind you, being old and crusty, I don’t do challenges).

    And I absolutely LOVE your not exactly adhering to the rules, which is very, very you – great stuff!

    Sheila’s right, keep detail in the whites (for now at least), and look for shapes and textures. As a crude rule of thumb, get a photo you think might do, take it into black and white, and then make it darker and increase the contrast. Hope that’s helpful. A 🙂

    • Rules? Oh yes, I remember those.. 🙂
      I used to just bend the rules, but now I just pick out the ones I like – this sort of fits in nicely with the wearing of orange. 😀

      I dabbled in black and white a couple of years ago and picked up a few tips then, but I’ve never understood why anyone would want to take the colour out of any part of existence, let alone a photographic memory.

        • You really must stop using these long words in your comments, you’ve sent me off to Google again to find out what you said. Anarchical… Out of control ?

          • Well, not really out of control, more like disregarding all laws, rules and regulations – you’re in there somewhere aren’t you??? Long words? They’re quite commonly used … down our way … just like … antidisestablishmentarianism … 🙂 🙂 🙂 …..

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  3. What a great challenge! I think you did a fab job. I’m partial to color, too. The only time I use black & white is usually when I’m trying to save an image I overexposed. Black & white is a good way to bring out texture and contrast in some shots. I like your choice. It looks good both ways. 🙂

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