Window browsing

2015-03. Shop window.

        We didn’t go inside and browse around this little shop as invited on our latest visit to Weymouth, we’ve been inside on many occasions but this time I was more interested in the view on the outside of the window than on the inside.

          The bright sunlight shining on the colourful buildings of the opposite side of the harbour jostled for the viewing against the beautiful items on display in the shop window.

          Just imagine how great it would be to work in this little shop with the comings and goings of the working harbour and the yachts heading for the enclosed marina beyond.

          Better still, imagine not having to work for your view and living behind this window a few doors down with the view presented to you each day at breakfast or sitting comfortably on the large sofa with tea and biscuits on the little table you can see if you look past the reflection into the room beyond.

2015-03. Cottage window.

           More from before: various visits to “Weymouth“.


*** UPDATE ***

          “Heyjude” over at “Travel Words” suggested I linked to “A lingering look at Windows – March“, I’ve dropped over to the post at “The day after” and I think it’s a wonderful idea, I’ll join in again next month too.  Thanks Heyjude.


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