Another birthday

2015-04. Birthday blog.

Happy Birthday Photographic Memories, four years and still going.

          Who would have thought, when I was looking for somewhere to share my pictures and save my memories that I would still have been going four years later.  Just a few stats to look back on for next year, and the year after …

965 posts; 297 followers; 5,851 comments; and 34,809 views in four years.

          But the stats don’t say it all, they don’t say how much I’ve enjoyed sharing my pictures and my thoughts, how I’ve enjoyed reading and looking at other blogs online too, nor do they say how, through my own little window, I’ve seen so many places around the world, and how I’ve enjoyed your visits and comments here along the way.

           Thanks for stopping by again, feel free to drop back anytime you’re passing .


11 thoughts on “Another birthday

  1. Good stuff, Hallysann, happy fourth!!! And the stats are dry, aren’t they, they don’t in any way describe the pleasure that blogging can bring. Its always good visiting your blog! A 🙂

  2. Happy… HAPPY, happy!!! Here’s to the next year… of many!! Thanks for your friendship and all your visits!! Have fun and enjoy. 😉 😀 😛 😀 😉

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