Party line

2015-03. Party line.

          I have a very vague recollection of our phone as a young girl, I remember picking up the cream coloured handle attached to the phone by a short curly wire and hearing someone already talking on it.  I think I was told that the other person was there because we were on a party line.

          I think it must be a memory and not one of my reality dreams, it seemed sort of sensible, and I’m sure if it was one of my dreams I would have gone on to  join the party at some stage.


4 thoughts on “Party line

    • I remember the same phone at a later date, I remember a chrome tubular lock being fixed into one of the holes on the disc so that little fingers couldn’t turn far enough to dial out.
      I guess it would have been locked into the number eight hole so that the emergency 999 number would still work.

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