2015-03. Watching.

          While visiting Weymouth last month we drove over to Portland, well, more specifically, we drove to Portland Bill.  Hubby has a liking for the waves crashing on the big rocks and no matter how calm the sea is, you can usually find crashing waves at Portland Bill and I quite enjoy a bit of rock-hopping so I’m always willing to visit the spot too.

          It wasn’t the rocks or the sea that caught my attention on this visit though, I was rather curious as to what the watchers were watching.  And of course, what do you do when you feel you just need to know what someone is doing ?  You ask.

          Hubby disowned me again and wandered off towards the splashes while I made my way to the lady watcher sitting down in the picture and asked what everyone was watching.

2015-03. Lady watcher.

          If I remember rightly, the man standing directly behind her had packed away by the time I reached their look-out and was sitting alongside her on her seat.  She tried to explain what she could see, pointing at the rock-face and guiding my eyes downwards from the grassy top, it’s sort of like a face, it looks sort of like a red-indian profile, the hair on top, the chiselled out nose and the top lip just below it,  can you see where he has his tongue sticking out, I’ve drawn a circle here to help you, since my red-indian isn’t really all that clear to see.
2015-03. Red indian and penguin.

          On the top of the red-indian’s tongue, can you see the black and white lump ?  This isn’t part of the cliff-face at all, it’s actually a row of Guillemots and the watchers were watching them flying on and off of the ledge as they settled to make it their nest.
Needless to say, I was rubbish at locating the exact spot to look at, so the gentleman who had already packed his equipment away set up the tripod again and let me look through the lens.

          Wow ! I could see what they were all watching.  He let me place my camera to the eyepiece and after one rubbish picture first, I managed to capture this one, slightly blurred, but way, way better than I could have captured without their help.

2015-03. Guilimots.

           More from before: various visits to “Weymouth“.


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