Any table, any chair

          I someimes wonder.. if I believed in re-incarnation… I sometimes wonder… If I used to be a cat.

          Ok yes, the sofa being slept on here looks quite comfy, and indeed it was, add to that the time of day, the clocks were heading way into the wee hours of the morning, and you’ll not notice anything so really out of the ordinary here.

          But throw a few other facts into the mixing pot… for instance a birthday party, a nioisy nightclub,  and a Dj who insisted on playing “dance” music all night. (although how it’s possible to dance to that noise all night is beyond me.  It has a beat, I’ll give it that, and yes you can move to the beat,  but dance?  really?  It must be an age thing, give me a good old-fashioned 80’s disco any day)

          Anyway, you get the picture,  or rather Hubby got the picture,  maybe I should have put a coat over my head or something….  but I guess the socks might have still given me away.


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