Fairy cakes

I haven’t make cakes in far too long, I really enjoyed making these at the weekend for a very special tea-party. 🙂

Cakes and more

          Just a basic sponge recipe, but much more fun to make.

2015-04. Butterflies.


makes 12 small cakes 

OVEN TEMPERATURE :    Gas 4, 180 c, 350 f.

COOKING TIME :   15 mins 


4oz marge.

4oz sugar.

2 eggs.

4oz S.R. flour.


4oz marge.

8oz icing sugar.

few drops vanilla essence

tiny amount of water.



Cream marge and sugar, beat in eggs, fold in flour.

Spoon into paper cake cases and bake until risen and golden brown.

Allow the cakes to cook on a wire rack.

Meanwhile, make the butter icing …

Cream marge and icing sugar together and add a few drops of vanilla and a tiny amount of water.

Cut a circular cone shape out of each cake, place flat on a chopping board and cut in half to make butterfly wings.

Spoon a generous amount of icing into the dip and place the wing shape…

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