The Mother-in-Law

2015-04. Roses.

          I’ve one last picture to share from last weekend’s Alice in Wonderland “wedding frivolities“,  some red and white roses, of which, neither colour has been painted, and one of the drinking straws with the message ‘drink me’ attached to it.

          Well,  since it must be pretty obvoius by now that the special event I’ve been mentioning over the last few months is in fact Middle Daughter’s wedding, then I guess it follows that she’ll soon be turning me into a Mother-in-Law.

          I wonder if it’s anything like turning into a teenager where you go so sleep as a normal twelve-year-old and overnight turn into a teenager with the weight of the world on your shoulders.

          Are there any rules of etiquette to explain how to be a Mum-in-law, there is so much wedding etiquette and so many do’s and don’t’s that I can’t believe the powers that be would let a new Mum-in-law just simply make it up as I go along.

          So what do I do now?   Do I scowl at the dirty dishes when I visit or just rinse myself a cup and just help out with the latest D.I.Y project ?   Do I ring ahead to announce an imminent visit so that I can easily be avoided or just turn up with the usual cake or other goodies to enjoy with coffee.

          And what about Christmas ? Am I supposed to buy socks for Christmas now ?  Oh, wait a minute,  I already do that.

8 thoughts on “The Mother-in-Law

    • Hi Judith, I’ve no doubt nothing will change and Son-in-law, as well as Eldest and Youngest Daughters’ Boyfriends will find I’m just as batty and scatty as ever. 😀

  1. I’m sure I commented & liked this?! Just be yourself, you are lovely as you are. I don’t think there are expectations as a mother-in-law of any kind as @judithhb said above ‘sit back & enjoy it’ xXx

  2. Never scowl at the dirty dishes! Phoning ahead might be good, but see how it goes. But, above all, never be intrusive – leave to get on with their lives. You know, I feel just like a font of, well. something or other … 😉 …..

    • Ah, a male perspective. 🙂
      It’s Ok, Middle Daughter and Boyfriend have been together a while already. I don’t scowl at the dishes, and I do help out with D.I.Y. projects. As for calling ahead, my visits are usually planned and he doesn’t appear to make himself scarce so I can’t be doing things too wrong.

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