Harriet hat pin

2015-04. Harriet hat pin.

          Harley’s little sister … isn’t she beautiful.

          And she comes in her own little saxophone case too.

2015-04. Harriet case.

          I’ve not had a very good winter this year and Harley spent much of his time alone in the little bedroom.  I have looked and smiled a few times, but not had the awake time or energy to actually pick him up and play.

          I’ve started practicing again, my music reading hasn’t become any slower, but my level of puff has pretty much gone back to where I started.  Hey ho, off we go again.

          There is a possible light at the end of the tunnel as far as my ridiculous energy levels though, I’ve been to the doctor’s for an M.O.T and come away with what I’m hoping will be a result.  It will take a few more months to tell, and a whole new regime of pills and potions, but things are looking up, more at a later date.

          In the meantime, I’m enjoying the spring, the extended daylight and I’ll just take it from there.

6 thoughts on “Harriet hat pin

    • Aw thanks, but don’t be too concerned, there are many people around me who are still more than willing to give me a kick up the behind or pull me through when needed (both friends and a great family).
      Apart from that, I think I’ve “bottomed out” as it were, and am moving slowly but surely in an upwards direction.
      And what about Harriet hat pin? Hundreds of smiles, just there for the taking. 🙂

      • Yes, well, just try and keep on that upwards trend – and if you need nonsense and silliness, well FATman Photos always has lots! And yes, Harriet Hat Pin, you often come up with such things and I think them hilarious bit also lovely, and valuable, too. A

  1. Hi my blogging buddy. I hadn’t realised you were not on top form. Marianne didn’t tell me after you met recently. Hope you pick up well – maybe a trip to NZ would be the answer.

    • Mostly just a winter thing, Judith, but I thought I’d use a post of Harriet hat pin to sneak it in under the radar. 🙂
      Now a trip to New Zealand, there’s a happy thought. 🙂

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