Coffee anyone?

2015-04. Espresso cup.

          I ran out of instant de-caf coffee before pay-day came around and I’d forgotten how to make coffee with water using the ground coffee, however, I did remember forgetting before and making a post to remind myself so I dug around in my old posts and came up at “Instructions” so the day was saved.  However, by the time pay-day did get here, I’d not only run out of instant coffee, I was out of ground coffee too !

          Any how, pay-day arrived soon enough and I spotted a special offer on my usual ground de-caf coffee … buy one get one free … so what’s a girl to do ?  Since I was to have a free bag of coffee I thought I’d try something different to my normal de-caf and bought a bag of rich italian ground coffee, not de-caf so I’m limited as to how much I can drink in one go, but very nice it is too.

          If I remember rightly, the little orange espresso cup is one of a pair I bought in Venice, and I’ve come to the conclusion that everyone should have a little rich italian in their lives.

          More from before : visits to “Venice” in Aug 2006, Jul 2013 and Jun 2018.

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