Of course, with the recent family frivolities, I was expecting my Mum and Dad to arrive for the weekend, what I wasn’t expecting was the latest addition to my garden that they brought with them.

2015-05. Snap & Crackle.

          A pair of rabbits are always happier than one, but neither could have been as happy as I was when Dad told me he had a rabbit in the boot of his car for me.

          You’ve met Snap before in “Snap Crackle and Pop“, but although I mentioned Crackle at the same time, understandably my Dad was reluctant to part with him.  (actually since the rabbits are a pair that would suggest one or the other of them being female, so I’m going to go with Crackle as the doe)

          Snap was my uncle’s rabbit, I think I remember him as a half painted rabbit, the front half as white and the rear half as the brown colour concrete he’s made of  but Crackle was my Dad’s rabbit, she’s been “loved” a lot more, she’s lost the odd limb here and there, the rabbit foot which is often known as lucky, wasn’t so lucky for Crackle, and since I gave Snap his name because his foot has been at some time snapped off, I thought at first that I’d given the name to the wrong rabbit, but on closer inspection there is a crack running around my new rabbit’s head, from just in front of her ears and down on both sides and around underneath her chin, I’m not sure if she’s lost her head at some time, or if she’s just in danger or doing so in the future.

          In the real world I guess they’re just lumps of concrete, but in my world they’re full of memories, mine, my Dad’s and his Dad’s before him.  Imagine what they would share if they could talk.

          More from before : Goings on in “my garden“.


4 thoughts on “Crackle

    • I’m so pleased, they sit in a sheltered part of the garden where they’re not always easily seen.. unless of course you sit on the sofa in the kitchen where I drink my coffee each morning. 😀

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