For as long as I can remember, probably since I stopped biting them, my nails have been weak and so easily broken that it’s difficult to even think of painting them.  Last year I make a special effort all the way through December and each night before work, I would paint on another layer of protective varnish in varying colours until I finally came to Christmas Eve with a set of almost decent nails to paint for Christmas Day.  The only problem here is that on Christmas Eve I was working a day shift and everything was so hectic that I forgot to protect my nails and they got completely trashed.

          Now, since they’d been painted all through December the usual result appeared, the nails dried out and the top layer peeled off leaving me with paper-thin nails which didn’t just chip, they tore off at any opportunity.

          It took me until the wedding this month to put the damage back together and even then I didn’t quite manage to grow them as long as I would have liked.  Just long enough to paint them green and orange to match my outfit though.

2015-05. Green flower nails.

          Two weeks off from work meant that by the second week they’d grown a little longer still, and I played again, this time with a couple of little music notes added to the thumb and ring finger.

2015-05. Red note nails.

          Little Sister decorates her nails and during her wedding visit had brought along a whole bag of bits and pieces for me to play with.  We did have fun but I obviously need a lot of practice.  I’ve been trying a few new treatments and even after a week back in work, have managed to keep my nails so although my blog by no means falls into the “Beauty Blog” cattergory, I’m afraid I might have to bore a few of you with a little nail art here and there.

2015-05. Yellow flower nails.

           The pretty colours on the end of my nails make me smile almost as much as the bright coloured socks which keep peeping out of the bottom of my trousers.

4 thoughts on “Nails

  1. Oh I just love this, Hallysann, this just gets to me BIG TIME!!!!!! 😀 >>>>>> as to your pics, I like ’em all, but I think my favourites have to be the green ones with that orange flower on – far out, lady, far out! But I’m sorry to hear your nails are weak – that’s tough for someone who values them. A

    • Hey look on the bright side, my nails may be weak, but if they get damaged I can just keep them really short and start again when the damage has grown out.
      And the pictures? It’s the green and orange one for me as well, not just because of the colours, but for the memory if the day they were painted for too. 😀

  2. How pretty! The green and orange is favorite for me. I’m impressed by how well you paint your nails. I always make such a mess of it.

    • Thanks Robin, it’s easy really, a bit like painting emulsion on the walls after you’ve already glossed the skirting boards…. Just paint it on evenly and clean up the edges afterwards. 😀

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