A not tin roof

2015-05. Cat.

          It wasn’t hot, it wasn’t a tin roof, and this cat definitely didn’t look at all bothered as it sat looking down at me on my way home from work on Friday morning.  It looked quite content just sitting there watching the world go by.

          It watched me walk past and then retreat a few steps, digging into my bag to pull out the little red camera which has taken up residence there, but by the time I took the camera out of its case to point and shoot I had apparently become a lot less interesting and the cat’s attention had been taken up elsewhere.

          I fired off a couple of shots and then we both heard a low-pitched yowl from the garden behind the roof.  The cat sat up, looked over its shoulder and then thought better of it, obviously trespassing on another cat’s territory.

          It jumped down, crossed the path in front of me (I can never remember if this is lucky or unlucky – but since I’m not superstitious anyway, I guess it doesn’t matter) then disappeared under the fence on the other side of the path and I returned to the early morning trudge on my way home from work.

2-15=-5. Collar.


8 thoughts on “A not tin roof

  1. Great encounter! And you know I love cats. And I bet that “trudge” describes your early morning walks home very well. Hope you’re fine, Hallysann! Are the new medications proving effective – I very much so. Adrian 🙂

    • Cats very much rule the world don’t they. 🙂
      And the new smarties… Thanks, I don’t think I’ll ever be bright as a button again, but I’m starting to feel the odd twinkle returning every now and then.

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