It Pays to Advertise!

It certainly does pay to advertise… good luck Aj. 🙂

Ouch!! My back hurts!!

I was flicking through the likes e-mails and while visiting the often thought-provoking blog of a fellow Dublin blogger when a thought settled in. The good folk at Big Mac and Whys have a way with words that should be seen by a much wider audience.

Anyway, the thought that settled goes something like this…

I’m a contractor… contractors work on projects. Projects come to an end. My working days have also come to a temporary end again and although there are quite a few prospects on the horizon I may well need a little help, again!

So… what about some vain self promotion? I don’t like blowing my own horn but this time I’m going to use every tool available to me. I do NOT want to have to face the prospect of a few months without work… again!

The idea? Ask each and every blogger who reads this…

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2 thoughts on “It Pays to Advertise!

  1. Once again, your kindness humbles me! Thanks for the wishes and for taking action! Your help is much appreciated and yes, my good lady is a Brit so I may work in the UK!! 😉

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