Musical chimney pots

          The sun gets up early and goes back to bed late at the moment, the days are longer and in most cases a good few degrees warmer (apart from the odd British summertime hiccup) but in typical British fashion I’m still complaining about the weather.

          I’ve been spoilt by spending my working hours in the twilight zone as Ma Nature regularly puts on a wonderful light show for us on our way home in the morning. Her new hours mean that I’m confined to my huge brick building with teasingly tinted windows while her morning light show passes me by.

          I must admit, I am safely protected by my brick fortress when she has the odd forty mile-an-hour tantrum,  but I do miss the sunrise.

          So, as Middle Daughter would say, “stop complaining and do something about it”

          I’ve taken to walking into work of an evening, not on a rainy evening mind you, I know on “The list” I said I would try to go out in the rain more, but then I would arrive in work soggy and spend the night wishing for the warm duvet to chase away the aches and pains of my rapidly aging bones.

          Sorry, my mind wanders again, I’ve been walking into work with the hope of catching the light show at the other end of the day.

          I was treated the other evening to a beautiful view through some “Barbed wire and weeds” so with the hope of catching more colourful skies, I walk to work craning my neck to see over rooftops and peering through gaps between buildings.

2015-06. Skyline.

          The glimpses of low skies are few and far between as the sun sinks behind the buildings but some of the silhouettes it leaves behind raise a few smiles of their own.

2015-06. Musical chimneys.

          These chimney pots had me tapping away on thin air as I played my imaginary musical instrument on the way to work.

4 thoughts on “Musical chimney pots

    • Thanks, my mind seems to leave the realms of reality more often than not these days so my walking down the street playing an invisible instrument doesn’t seem to draw a crowd. It might have been more noticeable if I’d have added a leprechaun jig as I played though. 🙂

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