On the verge

2015-06. Poppies.

          I have daffodils in the grass around the edge of my little square front garden.  Now to say that I’m no gardener would be one of the greatest understatements ever but I have learnt that to get a nice show of daffs next year, I have to leave them to die back this year.

          There are also daffodils in the grass verge in front of my house, just out of sight from my window so I take my cue from the giant grass cutting machines who carefully drive around their daffodils until the time is right and I wait until they tell me to cut the daffs back, but this year they didn’t come.

          Eventually I made the decision on my own and mowed the rapidly browning leaves away, but still no giant grass cutters came for the verge outside.

          At first I wondered what had happened to keep them away but as the grass grew long enough to ripple in the breeze, I wondered at the tiny spots of colour appearing within it.  I wondered at the roundabouts,  one in particular,  with its beautiful display of red poppies.

          I wondered about the butterflies,  I believe I’ve only seen one cabbage white butterfly so far this year. Just the one,  and no other butterflies at all.  I wondered if the grass cutting machines were staying away to let the butterflies play.

          Eventually I asked.

          It would appear that although money doesn’t make the world go around, it does have a great effect on what happens on it.

          The grass has grown so long due to “grass cutting cuts” and the natural looking verges with pretty flowers popping up here and there are the result.

          I wonder, if I were to sprinkle the grass verge with butterfly friendly seeds at the beginning of spring, I wonder if they would grow next year and I wonder if, just maybe, the butterflies might come back.

2015-06. Grass verge.

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6 thoughts on “On the verge

  1. Would it not be just wonderful if we could live in a wildflower meadow with lots of colour and wildlife!! You’d be able to start your own butterfly page!! 😉

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