Linear Park

          I think you already know that Hubby and Mum-in-law have a great liking for the rugby, rugby league that is, although rugby union will do as well if there is no other sport to be watched at the time.  And I guess that you also already know that I’m in no way sporty at all.  I don’t mind a little exercise – up two three, down two three … then the other eyelid – but as for the competition that sport brings out in people, I’m not really into that, the only person I really compete with is myself, and I’m probably one of my harshest judges.

          My mind wanders again, so going back to the original line of thought, Hubby supports St. Helen’s in rugby league, I’ve been to a “Saints” match with him – once – and have to admit to being entertained most of the time, I did get a little bored during the middle, and I didn’t manage to work up the enthusiasm of the rest of the crowd, but I did later find myself on tv in one of the crowd shots, although I think what really attracted the cameras was the long-legged brunette in the short, bright red dress, jumping up and cheering for most of the match.

          Hubby and Mum-in-law have been to a few matches since, they’ve driven up and back in the same day, which makes it a long day, but well worth the reward of the rugby match if that’s what you’re going for.  I’ve passed on the opportunity to join them on most occasions, but the last time they went they were going to stop over at Hubby’s Aunt and Uncle’s house in Rainford so I joined in for the road-trip.

          Hubby usually meets Uncle and Cousins at the match, they have a routine, all meeting up at the same pub before the game so I guess it’s easy to find them.  Aunty stays at home, she’s not quite up to the hard seats and the bustling crowds but enjoys the match with her neighbour just as much from her armchair at home.  While they would be watching the game, I planned to disappear out and about in Rainford for an hour or so with the camera.

          Rainford is a typical picturesque English village so there is plenty for the camera to shoot at, the church is beautiful, the gardens are perfectly manicured and of course, as is often the case, there is and old dis-used railway line which has been given a new lease of life as a linear walk.

          I had a ball with the camera before the light started to fade and the clock called me back to meet Hubby after the match.  Needless to say there are many, many more pictures of Rainford to follow, and more still to be taken, but join me for a short stroll along Rainford Linear Park before I leave.

2015-06. Balance.
2015-06. Nettles.

2015-06. Steps.

2015-06. Stilts.

2015-06. Stones.

           More from before: “Rainford” instead of rugby.


10 thoughts on “Linear Park

    • You’d be surprised how many disused railway lines have been turned into linear walks. They’re worth looking out for and almost as pleasant to walk along as canals. 🙂

  1. Beautiful walk, Sallyann. I look forward to seeing more from Rainford. I’m not big on sports and competition, either, but sometimes it’s fun to go just for something different. Or, as was the case here, because I can go off and do something I love while my husband is being all sporty and such. 🙂

  2. Love the eyelid thing!!! And maybe you’re not alone in being your own harshest critic – it can be a good thing, but some people overdo it and become amongst their own worst enemies. A 🙂

    • As much as I think I would enjoy being a butterfly, I think the thought of sleeping in a bed of stingy nettles may put me off. 🙂
      Although, Brer Rabbit and the briar patch springs to mind. 🙂

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