Normal service

2015-06. Tea-break sunrise.

          It’s just passed four in the morning and I’m wide awake.  Sleeping isn’t usually a problem for me, I just close my eyes and off I go but last night in work was a Sunday shift, that means silly hours, starting when the shop shuts at tea-time and finishing in the wee hours of the morning. Of course this is the best time to do my job I get so much more done on my Sunday shift, I just wish I could move the shift (and the emptiness of the shop) to,  for me, the more normal time of overnight.
          This morning,  in the wee hours, I came home and fell asleep on the sofa. It’s quite a comfy sofa, not that that really matters, I can fall asleep anywhere…  normally.
          I woke up, or at least half woke up to the sounds of creaking floorboards from underneath the bed upstairs where Hubby was tossing and turning in his sleep. I gathered my wits, or at least half of them, and headed up the stairs and in the darkness avoided the clutter accumulating by my side of the bed and climbed under the duvet.
           That was it, I was awake.

          I turned this way and that, adjusted pillows,  yes, pillows not pillow, I have three but very seldom sleep on the same one twice in a row, normally I push, pull, squash and squeeze them into a comfortable position and that’s it, I’m away with the faries…  normally.
          Not today though, I lay here as the light seeped in above and below the curtains and as the birds outside tweeted their wake-up calls.
          I peeped around the curtain,  the black sky has given way to navy, and now pale blue.  Not a pretty pink sky like this one from the other morning’s teabreak though.
          TEABREAK.!!  Of course,  I’m thirsty and my stomach is rumbling it’s teabreak time.  I’ve always slept better on a full stomach.
          I’ll creep downstairs for a quick cuppa and a bite to eat, Put the finishing touches to this post while I’m there and then come back to bed… Where hopefully normal sleep will resume shortly.


6 thoughts on “Normal service

  1. I’m glad you at least made the best of your wakefulness by capturing that pretty pink sky. But I do hope you were able to drift back to sleep!

  2. Lovely post, describing a slice of life – I would say that it brought me right there with you, but hubby might not appreciate that …… I hope sleep resumed – I too suffer from wakefulness, usually I go off to sleep at once, but then surface at 2am or thereabouts. But part of the trouble is that I doze during the day – something that I consider a vast luxury and not to be given up! But I must say that I do feel for you working nights, that must be hard going. A 🙂

    • Working nights is not that bad… so long as you’re able to sleep in the daytime. Which is a quite normal event for me. I sleep when I’m tired, and I’m awake whenever the awake time presents itself.
      Planning the awake time is a little more difficult though. 🙂

    • I think it was more a case of the warm drink putting my stomach to rest, but normal sleeping was resumed as soon as my head hit the pillow thanks. 🙂

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