Colouring books

          The latest “thing” around here is adult colouring. Personally I think it’s a great idea.

          I  used to love colouring as a child, and as soon as my girls were able, I used to colour along with them too.  We would open the book up on the table, or now that I think about it, we would set up our colouring on the floor more often than the table.  They would choose a picture to colour we would open the book up flat so that I could colour the picture on the opposite page.

          We would spread the pens, pencils or crayons out before us, pencils were always my favourite,  and away we’d go, hours of fun.

          Very often the girls would pick up their books in the morning to find that I’d coloured another picture after they’d gone to bed.

          As much as I know I would enjoy a colouring book and pencils today, I will resist for now. What with working, sleeping, and the little bit of living I manage to squeeze in between,  if I picked up a colouring book I know there wouldn’t be enough hours in the day, or night, for me to find time to do much else.

          I thought to myself it’s a shame I didnt save any of my colouring, colouring books aren’t the sort of thing you keep really.  But then I remembered a book I have sitting on my shelf…

2015-06. Golliwogs.

          A book about three loveable little toy characters and the adventures they have.

          And look, I’ve coloured in some of the pictures.

2015-06. Colouring.

          I didn’t stay perfectly inside the lines, but going by the date inside the book, I was only five.


9 thoughts on “Colouring books

  1. Brilliant 👍 👏

    I resisted the zen colouring but then gave into it… I do a piece every so often as don’t have a lot of free time, but it is great 👍👏✔😘

    • I am very much tempted.
      We’re off to the sun in a few weeks, Hubby’s bought a new book to sit by the pool and read, I might pick up a colouring book and some pencils to take, although I’ll probably find a slightly more shady spot to sit in. 🙂

  2. I love to color (or colour), but have also been resisting it for now. I have the crayons and pencils, though, so maybe I should stop resisting.

    How wonderful to have something your colored when you were five!

    • The book was a really lucky find. I moved home a lot in my earlier years, all in the same vague area, but from bedsit to bedsit, flat to flat, and eventually from house to house, and although I hoard terribly, with each move I had to declutter a certain amount of my history along the way.
      I selected a few of my very favourite things and kept them safe but an awful lot more fell along the wayside.
      Eventually my girls grew up and in leaving my nest started to declutter their own histories too.
      I was delighted to find some of my childhood history still hiding in amongst theirs so now it sits back on my shelf where it has a special place of its own. 😀

  3. The first I became aware of it was not long ago, when I visited a very frail older woman with dementia, who went on Hospice not long afterwards. She was confused and couldn’t remember much, but oh, the intricate details and sophisticated colors she used in her book. Her daughter would buy them for her. The books had drawings of things like flowers and birds, mostly very complex. We paged through one book together slowly, and I admired her finesse (she was modest). We talked about the pictures that hadn’t been colored yet, which she planned to do at some point. A lovely afternoon. Thanks for the follow!

  4. Thanks for stopping by and adding a comment, it sounds like a really lovely afternoon. 🙂
    As for the follow, you’re very welcome, I liked what I saw and wanted to visit again. 🙂

    • I’ve found a couple of books I’d like for relaxing by the pool, too many to choose from quickly so I’ll have to drop back in to look again on Friday.
      Then I might just have to do just one practice page before we go on holiday. 🙂

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