On the way home

2015-07. Pathway.

          I didn’t rush when I left work this morning,  some people have had their hours changed in work, that’s another story, but the top and tail of it is my hours don’t tally with my lift home anymore so I walk.  The up side to heading home under my own steam is that if I’d like to chat before I leave, I’m not holding anyone back, but myself.  Today was one of those mornings, I chatted for a wee while then headed upstairs for my bag and coat and wandered out of the door and into the already bright sunshine and towards town.

          I’m often to be found at that time of the morning now, just wandering through town, one foot in front of the other on automatic as my mind follows my slightly sleepy gaze in all directions, looking at everything, but not really seeing much.

          This morning I was approached by a lady, I won’t say an old lady because she couldn’t have been much older than I am, at first I didn’t really notice her first “hello”, I just smiled and returned it, but then she said hello again and broke into my sleepy trance.

          She was holding up a phone with an address on the screen, apparently she had just arrived by bus from Oxford and had to find her way to the address.  It stumped me, I didn’t know where she was going, but I’ve found myself lost often and it’s not a good feeling so I typed the postcode into the satnav on my phone to get her directions.  In my sleepless state, I couldn’t work out what directions to give her but it wasn’t far so I said I’d show her.  Off we went following the little dot on the screen.  Fourteen minutes the directions on the phone said, so we didn’t do too badly as just over quarter of an hour later I pointed her towards the end of her street and said good-bye.  She was quite cheerful, and very happy to not be lost anymore, her smile couldn’t help but rub off.

          I headed back towards town, approaching from the other side I decided to take a different route and walk though the park.  The sun was climbing – so was the temperature – this is probably our two days of summer for this year, the park was quiet apart from the odd rustle in the bushes and the birds in the trees so I decided to take a perch underneath one of the trees on the mound to enjoy the moment.

          This is where today’s pictures come from, to the right, the path past the skateboard park and towards home, and to the left, where I’d just walked past the empty children’s playground.

          I just sat for a few minutes with the quiet, very aware that I must not fall asleep, but enjoying the empty park.  Before long the rest of the town started to wake up, dog walkers, commuters taking the pleasant route, school children on their way for a day in the classroom … time to move on and head home for my bed.

2015-07. Park.


6 thoughts on “On the way home

    • Thanks, and thanks. 🙂
      I’ve been on the other end of being lost so often I knew how she felt. apart from that I’m a great believer that if you’re nice to everyone, sooner or later someone is nice to you too. 🙂

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