Remember Eiffel

          The holiday season is upon us, the camera batteries are charged and there’s plenty of space on the memory card. Thinking back to past holidays is becoming more and more difficult,  as each year passes and yet I find that I still have pictures in files which I haven’t gotten around to sorting.

          So, let’s at least make a start on revisiting some past holidays in the files by dropping in on, or actually under, the Eiffel Tower.

2013-10. Eiffel through trees.           We’ve visited Paris often so needless to say, even though these pictures were taken in October 2013, not all of the memories coincide with the same date.

          I’ve only ever been to the top of the Eiffel Tower once, that being on my not-so-pleasant school trip to “Paris” in year one of secondary school.  I remember taking photos from the top,  but I also remember how bad they were, practically all cloud.  I remember buying a turquoise t-shirt from a shop right at the top.  I probably paid well over the odds for it but hey ho, I was an eleven-year-old and authenticity mattered.

          When I grew out of the t-shirt, which wasn’t for some time because at that age I was a skinny little mite, we folded it carefully around a piece of cardboard,  covered in a plastic bag and hung it on the wall like a picture.

2013-10. Below Eiffel.          As with most holidaymakers in Paris,  we’ve taken many a trip along the river Sienne on a “Batobus” (link to be added later).  Being inland, the river Sienne is the closest you get to the seaside and if you get the chance to visit in August, then “Paris Beach” is an experience in itself.

          The first, or last stop on the Batobus route (depending on which direction you’re travelling is not far from the Eiffel Tower.  After crossing the road towards the river you’ll come to a little fun-fair, I enjoyed another photo opportunity here, how could I possibly pass up a picture of a the carrousel horse next to the Eiffel Tower in “Paris“.

          Behind the fun-fair are the steps down to the river, and the Batobus. 

2013-10. Sparkley flag.

         The Eiffel towers above Paris and can be seen from practically everywhere, the view from the river is not to be missed, be it from the water or from along the banks, there’s a grand view from the rooftop of “Gallaries Lafayette” (another link to follow later),  one of the biggest and most well known shops in Pairs.
          However, if you really want to picture the Eiffel Tower in all its glory, hop onto the underground “Metro” and surface at the “Trocadero” stop with your camera, you won’t regret it.
2013-10. Sparkley flag.           This last picture from beneath the Eiffel Tower is one which only just made it off the cutting room floor.   It’s easy to take a picture of a horse and cart, the subject lends itself so well to the camera.   The glimpse of the base of the tower adds a location to the picture, but it’s still just a holiday snap.  As a holiday snap it would be redeemed by the passengers in the carriage,  friend, family or famous for instance, but we have no knowledge of the occupants… Or do we?

          Take a look “here“,  do we recognise the female passenger ?

          Have we seen the back of that head before ?  Is that me ?   no, surely not.

          No wait, definitely not,  I’m on the other side of the camera.

2013-10. Could be me.            More from before: “Paris” … and not just in the springtime.


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