I’ve fancied getting a tattoo for ages but I’m a bit rubbish when it comes to pain. I’ve always stood by the words “pain is nature’s way of telling you to stop” so it seems unnatural for me to even consider letting someone poke me with a needle just for fun. But even saying that, and after all this time the thought is still there.
          So, what tattoo would I have.  I’ve thought about that for pretty much as long as I’ve thought about having one done.  I’m not a flowery person, and I don’t much like words. Animals would be a possibility but as much as I like most animals,  I don’t actually identify with any.

          A goldfish was an option I considered for a long time. I very often feel as if I’m in my own little bowl, swimming round and round, and of course more recently there’s the memory thing to add to that too.

          Then a few years back I made a friend who shared the same birthday and I couldn’t get over how similar we were. I’ve never been one for all this star sign stuff, but she got me thinking and checking a few things out. The more I tried to prove it wrong,  the more I found I supposedly fitted into my star sign.

          I wonder, is there really anything to it?  Am I really like I am because of where the stars were when I was born.  To be honest, I’ve always thought I am like I am because I’m like my Dad.  Ok, maybe there’s nothing to it after all.

          Oh yeah,  I forgot to mention my Dad’s birthday is just three days after mine.

          One of the main traits of the scorpion,  the star sign and the insect, is that they like to be left alone, and hide in dark places, they’re perfectly harmless unless bothered, however, disturb or upset a scorpion at your peril…  they have a very nasty sting in their tail,  and they know how to use it.

          So, a scorpion it is then.

2015-07. Scorpian.
          No, I didn’t get a tattoo,  I’m still weighing up the pain against the picture.  This is just henna.

5 thoughts on “Scorpion

  1. I have no idea about this star sign stuff either, but I did take an American on safari and I, he and his wife were stunned at how alike he and I were, both mentally and physically – it was really eerie! But I don’t know when his birthday was – but looking at us, we could have been brothers if not twins. Can’t say I identify with the tattoo thing – but then that’s just me. 🙂

    • I’m not a fan of big or lots of tattoos, but little dainty ones can be quite pretty. I probably won’t get around to the real scorpion, but hey ho, I’ll still smile at the thought of it. After all, it’s the thought that counts. 🙂

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