Bucket and spade

2015-07. Sandcastle.

          Not the best sandcastle I’ve made in a long time, however,  the only sandcastle I’ve made in a long time.
          The sand in Lagos is far from the perfect sand for sandcastles which you will find in “Weymouth“, in both distance and quality, but I don’t recall ever being in Weymouth when it was able to match Lagos for summer temperatures and sunshine.

          Hubby was heading for a few hours at the beach so I bought myself a cheap and cheerful bucket and spade set to join him and play in the sand.

          I sat by the belongings while he dipped in the sea, then gave my bucket and spade to a young girl sitting nearby and as Hubby settled down for a bit of sun-worshiping I gathered up my camera and wandered back.

          Leaving the “Mad dogs And English men” on the beach, I made like a local and headed back to our airconditioned  room for a siesta.

          More from before: Lovely holiday in “Lagos“, in the Algarve, July 2015.

4 thoughts on “Bucket and spade

  1. I find many of these sand toys on my evening beach walks. Quite often a colorful shovel or plastic starfish escapes the eyes of their little owners. I love these summer things. Nice, evocative photo of summer. 🙂

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