Sideways army

          The channel of water at Lagos which lets the tidal sea waters into the fishing harbour and the marina probably has some posh geographical name, but since I’m neither posh nor geographically minded, I’ve settled on calling it the inlet.

2015-07.  Bom Dia Lagos.

          On the first day of our holiday in Lagos we strolled along the town side of the inlet.   Lagos doesn’t have a promenade as such but a wander along the inlet, shaded by palm trees,  mooching in and out of the various stalls and kiosks, and watching the boats buzzing or sailing in and out of the fishing harbour or marina on the other side of the water as you stroll more than has it covered.

2015-07. Inlet stalls.

          It was on this first stroll that I climbed out “on the edge” to take a picture across the water towards the fishing harbour,  I wonder if I would have thought a little longer if I’d known what other life the ledge would support at low tide too…

          Probably not.

2015-07. Crabs.

          On another day, and from a very different angle, I spotted what I assumed to be a mother and son combination playing amongst the little sideways walkers.

2015-07. Crabbing.

          Again, you can’t see the little boy in the next picture but I assure you he is there, throwing bread into the water for the hungry seagulls.

2015-07. Feeding gulls.

          But boys will be boys, and Mums will be mum’s… And I guess photographers will be photographers too.

2015-07. On the ledge.

          More from before: Lovely holiday in “Lagos“, in the Algarve, July 2015.

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