Rui Sax

2015-07. Rui Sax.

          Meet Rui Sax,  not just a saxophone player but a saxophone master three times over. He plays not only an alto sax,  just like my “Harley“, and a tenor, which I could only just lift when I went to check out the sizes and weights in the shop, but also a baritone, which until I saw Rui playing it in Lagos,  I hadn’t even imagined existed.

          During our holiday,  while I was taking my afternoon siesta, Hubby took to wandering and exploring further and faster than I could usually manage.  On one such wander he discovered that one of the most local drinking establiments was to have live entertainment of none other than Rui Sax.  The date being one of a milestone wedding anniversary for us,  Hubby booked a table and we spent a wonderful evening in the company of locals and visitors alike.

          Rui Sax seemed to have an unlimited repertoire and quite easily played almost every request he was asked for and when Hubby let it slip that it was our anniversary,  he came to the table and played especially for us.

          It really was a wonderful evening,  and to keep the memory alive I went to purchase a couple of cd’s.  I couldn’t make up my mind and so it was decided I would buy three of the four choices, and Rui Sax gave me a copy of his first cd, his favourite,  and he signed it with a personal autograph too.

          I’ve dug around online and you can hear Rui Sax “here“. One day this is how I’d like to play.


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